I am fascinated by certain aspects of the direct contrast between sound and image. The former most clearly unfolds over time. Sound tells a story that can only be understood through listening. All aspects, movements, gestures, and colors, reveal themselves as the work progresses. In live performance, a listener can never go back in time. There is no re-listening or re-visiting the beginnings of a work already at the height of its development. The listener is engaged in a constant and infinite cycle of processing new sounds and reflecting upon the already heard. This is not dissimilar to how one experiences life itself.

 By contrast, an image presents its story all at once. There is no temporal aspect; or perhaps, I should more accurately say it is infinitesimally small. An image interweaves all aspects, the very same movements, gestures, and colors, into one single moment. There is no second impression. The world of an image only exists in the first, and all that comes after is frequently needless analysis. Certainly, this moment can be revisited. As can a recording. But it will never be the same. It changes as its audience changes; it grows, it becomes its context, as its context informs *it*.

The strength of a photograph lies in the movement within the subject, the “life force”, the inner message within his or her eyes, as it contrasts with the inherent stillness of the medium.

My work in fashion and editorial photography is as performative as my work at the piano. It is an extension of who I am, how I feel, and what I have to say.

I curate and direct most collaborations outside of those managed by my agency. If you are interested in working together, please send a detailed message through my Get In Touch page.